Basic English Lesson 3

The Intro

Warm Up

Drag and drop the titles for each occupation like?
to the box with a matching image.

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Police Officer
Taxi Driver
Web Designer
ESL Jobs: waiter ESL Jobs: web designer ESL Jobs: hairdresser ESL Jobs: nurse ESL Jobs: firefighter ESL Jobs: pilot ESL Jobs: cashier ESL Jobs: musician ESL Jobs: doctor ESL Jobs: police officer ESL Jobs: taxi driver ESL Jobs: mechanic

Talk About a Job

Choose one of the jobs above and say 3 reasons why you would or wouldn't like that job.
For example: I wouldn't like being a doctor because it's very hard, my clothes can get sloppy and ...

The Real Deal

When we talk about our current occupation we sometimes use the simple present to talk about what we do at work.

  • I am a mechanic. I repair cars and motorcycles.
  • You are a web developer. You design websites.
  • He is a firefighter. He saves people from fires and takes pictures of himself with a shirt off for a charity firefighter calendar.
  • She is a friendly taxi driver. She drives people around the city.
  • We are nurses. We help patients take their medicine.
  • They are doctors. They operate on the patients in emergency.

Discover the Grammar Rules

Look at the examples and complete the following equation.
( I am + Occupation.) + ( Pronoun + _______ + _________.)
  • A) Occupation + Pronoun
  • B) Verb + Pronoun
  • C) Verb + Someone or something that is affected by the verb

English Grammar in Use

Use your new rules to answer these questions.
  1. I'm a waiter. What do I do?
  2. You're a hairdresser . What do you do?
  3. Carl is a cashier. What does he do?
  4. Excuse me, do you know what a pilot does?
  5. They say that they're musicians. What do they do?
  6. It's a pleasure to meet you. So, what do you do?

Surprise Pronunciation Tip

Did your tongue get tired when you were reading all those questions above?
Yes? Well, good.
In English, we link some sounds together so that some groups of words sound like one.

Listen to these sentences.
The speaker does not link their words.

Now listen to a speaker who does link their words.

Your Turn

Record yourself reading the questions from the previous activity.
Do you link words like the words like a native English speaker?

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Fill in the blank with questions and answers.

Example Blanks:
New Friend: _____ does he work?
You: He __(to drive)___ in a car shop.
New Friend: Oh nice! What __(to do)__ he do?
You: He fixes in cars. He's a _(occupation)_.

Example Answers:
New Friend: Where does he work?
You: He works in a car shop.
New Friend: Oh nice! What does he do?
You: He fixes in cars. He's a mechanic.

Interviewing Others

New Friend: So, do you do?
You: Well, I in a restaurant as a .
New Friend: Oh nice! is your restaurant?
You: It's across the street. How about you, what do do?
New Friend: Nothing really. My mother for an airline.
You: Really? What she do?
New Friend: She airplanes. She's a , so I can't keep a job because we a lot.

Spelling Counts! Check your spelling before checking your answers

~ Questions About Your Work Routine ~

Find a speaking partner, and ask them questions about their job
Ask them 8 questions in total, including the ones below.
When do you start work?
When do you take a break ?
When do you finish work?
When do you talk to your boss ?
What do you do after work?

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Getting a Job - Job Announcements

Read the classified ads.

ESL Classified Job Ad Lesson For each statement decide if it is True / False /Doesn't Say statements.
  1. There is a part time position for a Web Designer.
  2. The mechanic position is full time.
  3. The breakfast cook will make $25 an hour.
  4. There are two full time cleaner jobs.
  5. A person who works at a deli counter will do food prep.
  6. The receptionist will work in a Marble shop.
  7. The Web Marking Manager does not need a degree.
  8. The Deli Counter Position prefers people who are bilingual.

Remember to write down all those new words you found.

Letting it Sink In

Listen to the audio clip. Drag and drop the phrases below into the correct order.

Recorded by: Anything But Average from

  • [1] CHASE $8. That's fine.
  • [2] KALY: The address is 354 Lakeshore South. That's L.A.K.E.S.H.O.R.E.
  • [3] KALY: Is that every day? Yes, five days a week. The pay is $8 an hour.
  • [4] KALY: See you then. Goodbye
  • [5] CHASE: On Wednesday. Sure, I can come. Could you please give me the address?
  • [6] CHASE: No, it's part-time. The hours are from 8 am to a quarter past one.
  • [7] CHASE: Great. Thank you. See you on Wednesday at noon.
  • [8] KALY: Can you come to the restaurant on Wednesday at noon? You can complete the application form in person.
  • [9] CHASE: Hello. Chase Chambers speaking. How can I help you?
  • [10] KALY: Yes, I do have experience. I worked in a small restaurant in Taiwan for three years. Is the job full-time?
  • [11] KALY: Yes, I would like to apply for the job.
  • [12] KALY: Yes, hello. Mr. Chambers. My name is Kaly Toro. I am calling about the job advertised in the classified ads.
  • [13] CHASE: Do you have experience working in a restaurant?
  • [14] CHASE: Oh yes, the ad in the paper. It's for a job as a waiter. Would you like to apply for the job?

Check In

Can you say yes to the next 3 statements?
  1. I can name at least 10 jobs.
  2. I can link words in the phrase "What do you do".
  3. I can ask questions about someone's job.


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