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There's a lot of text in this post, so I'll just skip to the chase. (get to the point) Here are 10 creative learning English tips to practice English by reading, writing, thinking, and speaking the language in different contexts.


Learning English Tips #1

Phone Settings
Every second counts when learning English. Try changing your phones settings to English; this will force you to read and text more often in English. Once the language of your phone has been changed to English, all the websites, settings, menus, and apps that you download from that point on will be in English. This is a great way to interact with the English language on a daily basis.

Learning English Tips #2

Online Shopping
Are you a shopaholic or someone who just loves to purchase things online? If you are, start browsing the net in English. This learning English tip is all about making your casual shopping another way to improve your reading skills in English. There are already tons of pictures near the items that you'll be looking at, so take the time to read the descriptions and titles, and then figure out what the word means or what feature it refers to. Translating your shopping cart is only a click away!

Learning English Tips #3

Thinking Patterns
What language do you think in? Do you have a tendency to think in your first language when speaking your second? Well now it's time to change that! This learning English tip is all about thinking in your second language when speaking your second language, and also trying to repeat thoughts from your first language in your second language. Did you notice I used the word language 6 times? Imagine repeating that word in your thoughts 6 times; this is a great way to challenge yourself and become more familiar with English vocabulary and sentence structure.

Learning English Tips #4

30 Day Challenges
Want to learn a new skill, or finish a project that you've been working on? Well you can do that in 30 days. Look up 30 day English challenges, or just make a promise to yourself that you will study English for 20 minutes a day for 30 days. Keep track of your English abilities before and afterwards. Then make a goal of what you want to achieve at the end of the month, and stick with it. This includes playing games, reading, writing, speaking, thinking and almost everything that you do, as long as it's in English. So get started today; see if you can survive a 30 Day English challenge. You can even use some of these learning English tips to help out :p.

Learning English Tips #5

Movie Languages
Movies are so flexible when it comes to learning a language. This tip is simple. Change the language of the movie that you're watching. If it's a DVD, go into the options and put on English subtitles, or English dubbing. If you're going to the theater, try to find the English version of the movie, if not, watch it in your language and then re-watch it in English. Why not enjoy your movies and practice English too!

Learning English Tips #6

Game Languages
Just like what I suggested with the movie languages, it's time to change the language settings in your most played games. It's much easier than you think. Since you play these games frequently, it'll be a great way to familiarize yourself with new vocabulary about objects and tasks that you already understand. Have fun, and play your favourite games in English

Learning English Tips #7

Web Browsing Language
So this is basically repeating the other two points. Change your web browser language; it does a great deal of good. Once you change the language of Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer, all your search inquiries start to pop up in that language. Websites that you visit will now give you an English translation if it's available. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the language while browsing online.

Learning English Tips #8

Do you have a passion for something, or do you just like to fool around while you're on the internet? Well either way, there are tons of forums online for you that can cater to your interest like Reddit. On Reddit website there are tons of sub-forums on a wide variety of topics, you're bound to find something here. So go explore and chat to other English speakers about your interests today!

Learning English Tips #9

How can you practice English with food when all you can really do is eat it? Well that depends, do you like to eat out, or do you prefer to cook at home? For those who like to dine out, try asking for the English menu, or bring a dictionary with you to translate your favourite menu item into English. Work on memorizing the names, tastes, texture, and all the great qualities of your favourite menu item in English, and then go on to write a short review of some food you ate. You can even post it below. As for those who love to cook, try looking at your favourite recipes in English, and do the same. Work on describing how amazing the meal you cooked was in English, and perhaps you'll have more people sitting at your dining room table next time.

Learning English Tips #10

Challenge Friends
Do you have friends, or classmates learning English too? Well it's time to create your own challenges amongst yourselves to practice English. These challenges can be as small as, finish your homework first, or as silly as, the person to use the most adjectives in a conversation wins. Make sure there is actually a reward for winning, so that not only do you win by practicing English, but you also have a shot to win something else really cool.

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