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A website that makes your business look professional and modern, is essential to success.
These 4 services can help you outshine your competitors.

Mobile Friendly Design

Everyone uses their smart phone to check out websites while on the go and with my skills all of your visitors will be pleased to browse your products, read your blog, and share content from your new mobile friendly website.

Evolving Care & Support

Like your business, your website should grow and prosper with your company. With some website maintenance or even a custom content management system your website can always be up to date with your company's latest news, offers, and promotions for your happy customers.

Result Driven Web Marketing

Your new website needs to be seen by your existing clients, but more importantly new ones. With the use of SEO, google analytics, online ad campaigns, content sharing, and a variety of other online marketing strategies, your website will be seen and browsed by the masses!

Income Boosting Tools

With a new site that's mobile friendly, and marketed towards your target clientele it's incredibly easy to find ways to make additional money. From selling ad space to selling extras and memberships, we'll work together to find what works best for you.


Some can only learn these skills in college or university.
but my hunger for knowledge has led me to teach myself all that I know.

Learning stops when one assumes they have learnt 100% off all that they need to know.

76% Complete (success)
94% Complete
62% Complete (warning)
89% Complete (danger)
55% Complete (success)
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My Portfolio

A snapshot of some projects that I have worked on.

Picked up Shopify, learned some Ruby, populated the store and branded the heck out of it.

Search, Rescue, and Restore

One afternoon, my Airbnb host, Sonia confessed that she was quite unhappy with her website because even though she was becoming more popular, her outdated website was holding her back from online success.

When the transfer was complete, Sonia was gifted with a fresh new website that reflected the growth of her work, plus extra tips, advice, and a reliable new web girl. Feel free to contact her yourself.

Speed WordPressing: Set Up + Customizing a Child Theme

Escaping an Iframe Nightmare

When I first met Mark, he complained about paying way too much monthly for an outdated website that he had no control over. Little did he know, his web guy just set up an outdated WordPress for him with a bunch of iframes to an external website.

In a matter of days he got a new website tailored to his needs, with an added ability to monetize his website by selling listing space. Yup, we turned his expense into a source of income.

WordPress Websites I've Worked On

Justine Apple

Modified template files, and fixed some not so responsive css bugs.

Contact Employer

Zed Decor

Modified a plugin as well as some CSS and updated some copy.

Contact Employer

Crystal B

Modified plugins and CSS, configured integrations and designed a MailChimp popup and email campaign.

Contact Employer

What I do

From web design and development to social media marketing strategies and more.

Happy Clients
Ongoing Projects
Email Marketing Campaigns

General Pricing

Let's be sure that you get all the features that you're looking for in your new website.

  • Basic

  • $125
  • Up to 4 Pages
  • Choose from an existing template
  • Images provided by you
  • SEO Placement
  • Database Integration
  • E-commerce Set Up
  • Premium
    Starting from
  • $625
  • Up to 15 Pages
  • Custom Design
  • Images provided by both parties
  • SEO + Marketing Strategies
  • Database Integration + E-commerce or Wordpress Set Up
  • 2 Hours of Web Maintenance
  • Pro
    Starting from
  • $350
  • Up to 8 Pages
  • Customizable Template Choices or
    E-commerce Set Up or
    WordPress Set Up
  • Images provided by you
  • SEO Placement
  • Database Integration
  • 1 Hour of Website Maintenance

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